Thermowells & Accessories

We are leading manufacturers of high quality & precision Thermowells Temperature Sensors and accessories. Having experience of more than 40 years, in manufacturing high specification thermo wells, we have developed such an expertise in production engineering that we are capable to meet standard as well as custom built configuration for all industrial sectors and processes.
  • Thermowells Manufacturers, rtd thermowell, industrial thermowell


    SS304, SS316, SS316L, SS321,SS310, HRS446, INCONEL 600/800, 601 Hastalloy, Monel, Titanium etc.

    Drilled barstock, Fabricated

    Tapered, Straight

    Process Connection:
    Screwed, Flanged

    IBR certification on request

  • Special Thermowells, thermowell thermocouple, thermowell calculation software

    Special Thermowells

    * Metal Thermowells with Tungsten carbide/Ceramic/ PTFE/PVDF/PFA coatings
    * Solid sintered tungsten carbide
    * Silicon carbide(Recrystallised & Nitride Bonded)
    * Platinum thimble
    * Tantalum, Titanium, Nickle cladding
    * Tantalum Tungsten (Ta10W) Alloy
    * Graphite
    * Silicon Nitride
    * Other Materials in various sizes available on request


Download Specification PDF's

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A-100 Straight Thermowell (Screwed Type)
thermowells-A-100 Download PDF
A-102 Straight Thermowell (Female Thread)
thermowells-A-102 Download PDF
A-103 Tapered Thermowell (Male Thread)
thermowells-A-103 Download PDF
A-104 Tapered Thermowell (Female Thread)
thermowells-A-104 Download PDF
A-105 Stepped Thermowell
thermowells-A-105 Download PDF
A-106 Straight Thermowell (Screwed Type)
thermowells-A-106 Download PDF
A-107 Stepped Thermowell
thermowells-A-107 Download PDF
A-108 Taper Thermowell (Screwed Type)
thermowells-A-108 Download PDF
A-109 Heavy Duty Thick Wall Thermowell
thermowells-A-109 Download PDF
A-110 Straight Thermowell with Flange
thermowells-A-110 Download PDF
A-111 Taper Thermowell with Flange
thermowells-A-111 Download PDF
A-112 Welded Thermowell with Flange
thermowells-A-112 Download PDF
A-113 Thermowell with Ceramic Tube
thermowells-A-113 Download PDF
A-114 Double Protection Tube for Boiler Temp.
thermowells-A-114 Download PDF
A-115 Flange with Taper Thermowell
thermowells-A-115 Download PDF
A-116 Vanstone Thermowell
thermowells-A-116 Download PDF
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