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Temperature Calculator

Temperature Calculator

Temperature Calculator software is based on the conversion tables and calculation as per ITS-90.

This software is used to convert the Emf (mV)/Ohms generated by thermocouple & RTD to the temperature or vice versa. It includes all type of thermocouple including base metal thermocouple (K, J, N, T, E), Refractory thermocouple (C, D, A), noble metal thermocouple (R, S, B), and RTD PT-100 & PT-200.

Temperature calculator is very useful for the personals, who are involved in thermocouple & RTD measurement in there regular routine, it is very easy to use and saves the time to look for the tables for conversion.

Wake Frequency Calculator

Wake Frequency Calculator

Tempsens Wake Frequency Calculator is easy to use and it also ensures that thermowell is designed within the dimensional limits of PTC19.3, 2010. This calculator establishes the practical design considerations for Thermowell installations in power and process piping, which also incorporates the latest theory in the areas of natural frequency, Strouhal frequency, in-line resonance and stress evaluation.

If the application is fulfilling all limits of the ASMT PTC 19.3, it means the Thermowell met 5 criteria:

  • Operating temperature
  • Wake frequency calculation (resonance limits)
  • Fatigue stress
  • Bending strengths
  • Operating pressure

The results can be printed or saved to disk for future reference.

Reporting is possible for single thermowell, or for the full taglist. The program is very simple to use.

The program is "FREE" and can be distributed to other users, this was developed for Tempsens internal use and then we have now a lot of customers requesting for a copy of this program. Please give your inputs for improvement in the program.

SPRT Calculator

SPRT Calculator

SPRT is a standard which is used for defining temperature as per ITS-90. The ITS-90 extends defines upwards from 0.65 K to the highest temperature practicably measurable in terms of the Planck radiation law using monochromatic radiation.

The range from The Triple Point of Equilibrium Hydrogen (13.8033 K) to the Freezing Point of Silver (961.78ºC) Platinum Resistance Thermometer is used as a defining sensor.

This SPRT calculator is used to provide the ITS-90 co-eficients for the set of resistance readings provided on the fixed point cell.

For the range 0ºC to 961.78ºC the following reference function is defined:

SPRT Calculator

An inverse function, equivalent to equation (10a) to within 0.13 mK is Eq 10b

The values of the constants Co, Ci, Do and Di are given in Table 4.

A thermometer may be calibrated for use throughout this range or, using fewer calibration points, for ranges with upper limits of 660.323ºC, 419.527ºC, 231.928ºC, 156.5985ºC or 29.7646ºC, all having a lower limit of 0ºC.

Substance Temp K Temp ºC State
Water, H20 273.16 0.01C Triple Point
Gallium, Ga 302.9146 29.7646 Melting Point
Indium, In 429.7485 156.5985 Freezing Point
Tin, Sn 505.078 231.928 Freezing Point
Zinc, Zn 692.677 419.527 Freezing Point
Aluminium, Al 933.473 660.323 Freezing Point
Silver, Ag 1234.93 961.78 Freezing Point

The free software has been specifically designed to provide the ITS90 parameters for temp range 0 to 660 deg C. For this the user has to provide the resiatnce values at TPW, FP Sn, FP Zn and FP of Al. The software shall calculate and provide the ITS90 coeficients and shall also generate a report for every 1 degree of interpolated readings for the sensors.

Other specific software for larger range can be provided on request.

This software is free of charge and can be distributed freely. It has been designed for the use at Tempsens, please double check before use. Tempsens stand no guarantee for the output. We are open to your feedback for improvement.

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