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Tempsens Calibration Centre is an independent unit of Tempsens instruments (I) Pvt. Ltd. We have started new calibration laboratories at Vadodara(temperature range-196 to 1700 deg C) and Bangalore (temperature range -35 to 1700 deg C).
It is the only private sector company in the country with accredited Fixed Point Temperature calibration Laboratory . The lab has highly stable calibration furnaces, measuring instruments and accurate master sensors traceable to National and international Standards. The calibration center functions as per ISO17025/NABL standards. Calibration of contact type sensors can be made in temperature range of -196°C to 1600°C and Calibration of non contact type sensors can be made in temperature range 0°C to 2900°C. Further the laboratory offers both in house and on site temperature calibration.

"Tempsens calibration Centers - Udaipur, Vadodara ,Bangalore"

Unique Advantages

One of the best Labs in India equipped with various type of calibration furnaces and measuring instruments.

  • Fixed point cells calibration.
  • One of the best B.M.C.
  • NABL Accreditation
  • Provide on-site calibration
  • Prompt and Fast Services
  • Covers wide range -196°C to 2900°C with NABL Certificate.
In House Calibration Facility:

In house calibration facility for contact and non contact type sensor traceable to National and International standards. Best Measurement Capabilities and temperature range is as shown in table

Quality Measured/Instruments Measured/InstrumentsTemperature Range Calibration & Measurement Capability

Contact Type RTD, Thermocouples Thermometers



-80 to -38°C


-38°C to 0°C


> 0°C to 140°C


> 140°C to 250°C


> 250°C to 650°C


> 650°C to 1200°C


> 1200°C to 1600°C


Non Contact Type Pyrometer





0 °C to 250°C


> 250°C to 500°C


> 500°C to 1500°C


> 1500°C to 1700°C


> 1700°C to 2900°C


Fixed Point Calibration Facility

We are first private company to provide fixed point temperature calibration for Triple point of water (Tpw), Gallium (Ga), Tin (Sn), Zinc (Zn) & Aluminum (Al) Cells.
Fixed points are most accurate devices available for defining a temperature scale. Fixed point cells are designed to realize the liquid-solid equilibrium temperatures of certain high purity metal elements, for calibration of thermometers at ITS-90 fixed points. The best measuring capability and Temperature range for fixed point calibration is shown in table

Quality Measured/Instruments Measured/InstrumentsTemperature Range Calibration & Measurement Capability
Calibration of SPRT/PRTS/ THERMOCOUPLES at Triple Point of Water (0.01°C) 0.0038 °C
Melting Point of Gallium (29.7646°C) 0.0065 °C
Freezing Point of Tin (231.928°C) 0.0065 °C
Freezing Point of Zinc (419.527°C) 0.0071 °C
Freezing Point of Aluminum (660.323 °C) 0.0075 °C
Calibration of Thermocouple at secondary Fixed point Freezing Point of Gold (1064.18 °C) 0.0072 °C
Freezing Point of Palladium (1554.8 °C) 0.0083 °C

Our Labs Locations:
Udaipur: Tempsens Calibration Centre
B-188A, Road No.5, M.I.A., Madri,
Udaipur - 313003 - Rajasthan - INDIA
Baroda: Tempsens Calibration Center
TF- 304, Florance classic,
10, Ashapuri Society,
Near Unnati School
Akota, Baroda - 390020 (Gujarat)
Mob. 09327157887
Bangalore: Tempsens Calibration Center
No.7, Ist Main Coconut Garden
Nagarabhavil Main Road
Bangalore-560072 (K.N)
Mob. 09343183607
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