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Tempsens Calibration Centre is an independent unit of Tempsens instruments (I) Pvt. Ltd. We have started new calibration laboratories at Vadodara(temperature range-196 to 1700 deg C) and Bangalore (temperature range -35 to 1700 deg C).
It is the only private sector company in the country with accredited Fixed Point Temperature calibration Laboratory . The lab has highly stable calibration furnaces, measuring instruments and accurate master sensors traceable to National and international Standards. The calibration center functions as per ISO17025/NABL standards. Calibration of contact type sensors can be made in temperature range of -196?C to 1600?C and Calibration of non contact type sensors can be made in temperature range 0?C to 2700?C. Further the laboratory offers both in house and on site temperature calibration.

"Tempsens calibration Centers ? Udaipur, Vadodara ,Bangalore"

Unique Advantages

One of the best Labs in India equipped with various type of calibration furnaces and measuring instruments.

  • Fixed point cells calibration.
  • One of the best B.M.C.
  • NABL Accreditation
  • Provide on-site calibration
  • Prompt and Fast Services
  • Covers wide range -196?C to 2700?C with NABL Certificate.
In House Calibration Facility:

In house calibration facility for contact and non contact type sensor traceable to National and International standards. Best Measurement Capabilities and temperature range is as shown in table

Quality Measured/Instruments Measured/InstrumentsTemperature Range Calibration & Measurement Capability

Contact Type RTD, Thermocouples Thermometers



-80 to -38?C


-38?C to 0?C


> 0?C to 140?C


> 140?C to 250?C


> 250?C to 650?C


> 650?C to 1000?C


> 1000?C to 1200?C


> 1200?C to 1600?C


Non Contact Type Pyrometer





0 ?C to 100?C


> 100?C to 500?C


> 500?C to 1500?C


> 1500?C to 1700?C


> 1700?C to 2700?C


Fixed Point Calibration Facility

We are first private company to provide fixed point temperature calibration for Triple point of water (Tpw), Gallium (Ga), Tin (Sn), Zinc (Zn) & Aluminum (Al) Cells.
Fixed points are most accurate devices available for defining a temperature scale. Fixed point cells are designed to realize the liquid-solid equilibrium temperatures of certain high purity metal elements, for calibration of thermometers at ITS-90 fixed points. The best measuring capability and Temperature range for fixed point calibration is shown in table

Calibration of SPRT/PRTS/ THERMOCOUPLES at Triple Point of Water (0.01?C) 3.8m ?C
Melting Point of Gallium (29.7646?C) 6.5m ?C
Freezing Point of Tin (231.928?C) 6.5m ?C
Freezing Point of Zinc (419.527?C) 7.1m ?C
Freezing Point of Aluminum (660.323 ?C) 7.5m ?C
Freezing Point of Gold (1064.18 ?C) 0.72m ?C
Freezing Point of Palladium (1554.8 ?C) 0.83m ?C

Our Labs Locations:
Udaipur: Tempsens Calibration Centre
B-188A, Road No.5, M.I.A., Madri,
Udaipur ? 313003 ? Rajasthan ? INDIA
Baroda: Tempsens Calibration Center
TF- 304, Florance classic,
10, Ashapuri Society,
Near Unnati School
Akota, Baroda - 390020 (Gujarat)
Mob. 09327157887
Bangalore: Tempsens Calibration Center
No.7, Ist Main Coconut Garden
Nagarabhavil Main Road
Bangalore-560072 (K.N)
Mob. 09343183607
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