• Skin Type Thermocouple
    15 May., 2018 Thermocouple

    Introduction: Skin Type Thermocouple are designed to measure the temperature of the body. It is bonded to the surface of the body to which temperature is to be measured through a insulating pad, so that it collects temperature. This model of thermocouple is typically used with in high temperature in

  • Bayonet Thermocouple
    28 Oct., 2017 Thermocouple

    A Bayonet Thermocouple is a type of thermocouple which uses a Bayonet type mounting for process connection. It can be said Bayonet mount or a Bayonet Fastener is a fastening mechanism which consists of a cylindrical male side with pins mounted radially, and a female receptor with L-shaped slot(s)

  • Advanced Temperature Measurement Solution for Stove Dome in Blast Furnace
    05 Oct., 2017 Thermocouple

    In stove dome furnaces, measuring atmosphere is very harsh. It consists of high temperature, high pressure and high steam velocity. To measure these temperatures, Stove Dome type Thermocouples are used. Hot Stove Dome Thermocouple consists of high quality protection tube with superior bending stre

  • Swaged Tip Thermocouple
    03 Oct., 2017 Thermocouple

    Swaged Tip Thermocouples are special purpose thermocouples in which the thermal mass of the sensing area is reduced by Swaging so as to get fast response from the sensor. Swaging is a type of forging process in which a part is hammered and reshaped using rotary dies. Swaging process does not compr

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