High Stability Thermostat Testing Bath for Multiple Thermostats

Highly Stable Thermostat Testing Stirred Liquid Bath -  CALsys -40/50 is used for testing of multiple thermostats simultaneously.  Thermostats offers the temperature range of -40°C to 50°C. It has large tank which is filled with liquid Methanol. The liquid is heated or cooled to the desired temperature.

It has continous stirring of liquid that provides uniform temperature distribution.
This CALsys -40/50 is built using CFC free refrigerants. It specially designed to test 50 numbers of thermostat at a time.

This Bath is fully automatic control with 50 DI. It has user friendly HMI screen with 10 sets of program LED indication along with the data logging.

The size of the bath is1200 x 630 x 500 (HxWxD) mm and it has a power requirement of 230 VAC, 2.0 KW.



  • LED Light Indication for each thermostat
  • Large Immersion Depths
  • High Accuracy
  • High Stability and Uniformity
  • Wide Temperature Range
  • PC Interface
  • Simple to use and Cost effective

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