• Fire Resistant/ Survival Cable
    12 Jan., 2019 Cable

    In buildings (like hospitals, shopping malls etc.), public utilities (like metros, railways etc.) and power or energy sector, manufacturing plants where people are in more numbers, vital circuits are required to continue operations  it becomes  very essential  that in case of fire breakout or shor

  • Linear Heat Detection Cable
    04 Nov., 2017 Cable

    Linear Heat Detection Cable are commonly used for fire detection. It can detect a fire anywhere along the length of the cable, and can be of lengths in excess of a kilometer. Linear Heat Detection Cable consist of a twisted pair of extremely low resistance tri metallic conductors, coated in adva

  • DC Solar Cable
    31 Oct., 2017 Cable

    After hydro and wind power, the third most important renewable energy source is solar photovoltaic in items of globally installed capacity. This results in the great demand for ‘SOLAR CABLE’. Solar cables are exclusively made for applications in photovoltaic power systems. A solar cable interconne

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