• Thermal Dispersion Type Level Sensing Unit
    30 Jan., 2019 Probe

    As the name suggests this device works on the principle of Thermal dispersion, the sensor contains two probes each with a continuous coiled RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) and one with an additional continuous heater of the same length as the RTD. The probe with RTD & Heater will be Active P

  • Fire Resistant/ Survival Cable
    12 Jan., 2019 Cable

    In buildings (like hospitals, shopping malls etc.), public utilities (like metros, railways etc.) and power or energy sector, manufacturing plants where people are in more numbers, vital circuits are required to continue operations  it becomes  very essential  that in case of fire breakout or shor

  • Tubular Furnace
    17 Dec., 2018 Furnace

    A tube furnace is an electric heating device used to conduct syntheses and purifications of inorganic compounds and occasionally in organic synthesis. One possible design consists heating coils that are embedded as a spring on ceramic tube; such type can with stand 1200 ⁰C continuous temperature i

  • High Stability Thermostat Testing Bath for Multiple Thermostats
    31 Oct., 2018 Calibration

    Highly Stable Thermostat Testing Stirred Liquid Bath -  CALsys -40/50 is used for testing of multiple thermostats simultaneously.  Thermostats offers the temperature range of -40°C to 50°C. It has large tank which is filled with liquid Methanol. The liquid is heated or cooled to the desired temper

  • Ladle Refractory Monitoring System
    31 Aug., 2018 Thermal Imager

    The use of refractory lined vessels (ladles) to transport molten iron and steel is commonplace in steel plants world-wide.Steel mill ladles have limited lives. As their refractory linings wear or develop breaks due to shock, the outer part of a ladle can be exposed to excessive temperatures.Over t

  • Furnace Monitoring Camera

    Monitoring and control of temperature within the furnaces is very important in process industries as it affect the product quality and productivity. For viewing the inside conditions of the hot furnaces,Furnace Monitoring Systems  are widely used in Cement, Steel, Glass and Power plants; for vari

  • Helical Strake Thermowell
    29 Jun., 2018 Thermowell

    Helical Strake Thermowell are specially constructed thermowells which have special design features that allows the thermowell to be sustained well inside a fluid flow. Special feature of this thermowell is the helical ridges which are constructed using standard calculations, these helical ridges

  • Skin Type Thermocouple
    15 May., 2018 Thermocouple

    Introduction: Skin Type Thermocouple are designed to measure the temperature of the body. It is bonded to the surface of the body to which temperature is to be measured through a insulating pad, so that it collects temperature. This model of thermocouple is typically used with in high temperature in

  • Less known uses of Heater in Plastic Industry
    22 Feb., 2018 Heaters

    In the last few decades, the Plastic industry has grown to the status of a leading sector in the country with a sizable base. The material is gaining notable importance in different spheres of activity like transport, aerospace, electronics and transportation. and the per capita consumption is inc

  • Increase Furnace Life to its max by Maintenance and Service
    15 Jan., 2018 Services

    Furnaces are usually trouble-free and easy to maintain but as we know Every thing has its expiry, furnace to have a expiry date but you can increase its life span by keeping some points in your mind. While this isn’t something that industries have to face on regular basis but efficient operation a

  • Heaters Used for Heating Chemicals
    20 Nov., 2017 Heaters

    There are variety of heaters for a range of applications in the chemical processing industry so clear understanding is necessary to meet your needs.This blog will help in providing what function the heater needs to fulfill. Read through the overviews of different immersion heaters below to find th

  • How to make Calibration Process Quicker & Easier
    16 Nov., 2017 Calibration

    For calibration of devices in the process industries AUTOCAL is  a powerful tool. For quicker & easier calibration AUTOCAL is key product. Working: Autocal is an automatic temperature calibration system. The system consists of a Software, high resolution multiplexed 6 ½ digit Multimeter for ther

    11 Nov., 2017 Conductors

    Nickel & thermocouple alloy used for temperature measurement. A wide range of thermocouple conductor with various sizes is available with meeting standard national & international standards such as ANSI MC 96.1, ASTM D2863, IS 8784 etc. For producing thermocouple element correct chemical composit

  • Linear Heat Detection Cable
    04 Nov., 2017 Cable

    Linear Heat Detection Cable are commonly used for fire detection. It can detect a fire anywhere along the length of the cable, and can be of lengths in excess of a kilometer. Linear Heat Detection Cable consist of a twisted pair of extremely low resistance tri metallic conductors, coated in adva

  • Conveyor Mesh Belt Type Furnace
    04 Nov., 2017 Furnace

    Electric Conveyor mesh belt type furnaces are used for continuous heating purpose of large quantities of goods. Conveyor belt continuously rotate through the furnace electrically which poses the temperature (ambient to  1150°C). Material to be heated is kept at one end on belt which passes through

  • DC Solar Cable
    31 Oct., 2017 Cable

    After hydro and wind power, the third most important renewable energy source is solar photovoltaic in items of globally installed capacity. This results in the great demand for ‘SOLAR CABLE’. Solar cables are exclusively made for applications in photovoltaic power systems. A solar cable interconne

  • Temperature Measurement Of Glass Mould
    30 Oct., 2017 Pyrometer

    Increasing production speeds and the requirement for lighter products in the glass industry have emphasized the need for more effective control over the forming process to obtain greater control of the dimensional variants of the end product.The measurement of the mold temperatures can be used to

  • Bayonet Thermocouple
    28 Oct., 2017 Thermocouple

    A Bayonet Thermocouple is a type of thermocouple which uses a Bayonet type mounting for process connection. It can be said Bayonet mount or a Bayonet Fastener is a fastening mechanism which consists of a cylindrical male side with pins mounted radially, and a female receptor with L-shaped slot(s)

  • Temperature Measurement Technique for Aluminium Extrusion
    10 Oct., 2017 Pyrometer

      Temperature is the most important parameter in Aluminum Extrusion Process controlling Production, Wastage, Cost, Quality and the Life of the Press. Aluminum extrusion being dynamic processes, accurate continuous temperature control is possible only by using non-contact pyrometers. Why use Mu

  • Advanced Temperature Measurement Solution for Stove Dome in Blast Furnace
    05 Oct., 2017 Thermocouple

    In stove dome furnaces, measuring atmosphere is very harsh. It consists of high temperature, high pressure and high steam velocity. To measure these temperatures, Stove Dome type Thermocouples are used. Hot Stove Dome Thermocouple consists of high quality protection tube with superior bending stre

  • Swaged Tip Thermocouple
    03 Oct., 2017 Thermocouple

    Swaged Tip Thermocouples are special purpose thermocouples in which the thermal mass of the sensing area is reduced by Swaging so as to get fast response from the sensor. Swaging is a type of forging process in which a part is hammered and reshaped using rotary dies. Swaging process does not compr

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